Friday, September 28, 2007

creativity (or not)

emiko and rachael were wandering through the forest, and suddenly, they came upon a geezbot (similar to a tigre, just that its a whole lot bigger, and not nearly as nice). not knowing what it was, they advanced upon it, thinking that it would make a nice meal. trying to sneak upon it was quite the task. the geezbot heard them from about 20 feet away, and pretended not to, so as to better catch them, should they continue "so, do we shoot, or do we.. uhh... fence... it?" asked emiko."like i would know. your the one that knows about animals, not me." answered rachael. "welll, i've never had to deal with tigres, have you?" "no, but, i would guess they are like cougars, and you've delt with them" "cougars never get that big, now do they?" "umm.. i dont know. lets shoot it. you have a bow and arrow, so you get to try it." so, emiko tried to shoot the geezbot, not being to successful. "darn it all, i've never had that good of aim." "just hope that you havent woken it up," said rachael "cause i'm not especially in the mood for a chase" "well, i guess we'll see. but my guess is that it hasnt heard, otherwise, it would have given chase by now. i would think" the geezbot, wanting to see just how far they would go before they realized that it really was awake, still just laid there, listening to their stupidity, and wondering if they would be worth chasing at all, or if it should just play dead. it deicded that, just for fun, it would give them another couple of yards, then suddenly it would give chase, and the people wouldnt know what hit them. "lets see just how much fun we can have with them today. its been a while since i've properly chased anything, so lets have some fun today" thought the geezbot. so, rachael and emiko advanced, and were just about to start charging it when the geezbot "woke up," it chased them through the forest for quite a while, giving them quite the running. rachael and emiko eventually realized that it couldnt chase both of them, so that they would meet up later, about where they first met up, if they could find it. if not, make a good trail, and rachael would stay in one spot, so as for emiko to find her later. "just dont get eaten rachael! i want to see you later!" "same goes for you emiko! no getting eaten!"and with that they separated, to see which of them the geezbot gave chase to.
The geeebot, unexpectedly, chased emiko, even though both rachael and emiko had planned for the geezbot to chase rachael. so, it chased emiko, giving everyone a bit of a surprise. "you keep it going after you, and somehow, stop it, and then i'll come and finish it off!" rachael yelled. "how am i suppsoed to do that?" wondered emiko, not having the slightest clue about what a tigre, let alone a geezbot would do to slow down. "well.... i guess i could let it eat me, i would just have to make sure that i was small enough to go down in one gulp. and... lets see here, ah yes, i do indeed still have the letherman that i stole from erk before he got all gushy with sarala. good, it will help significantly when needing to get out, cause i dont think that rachael has anything. we never got around to sparing, and even if we had, we left the swords back where we met up with the geezbot, running in fright. hm... guess we'll see if this works then, shant we?"so, with those thoughts all going through her head, emiko became the smallest ball of person that was manageable for a 20 year old girl. no, not all that small, but then, the geezbot didnt particularly care, cause he was big enough it didnt matter anyhow. eat up emiko the geezbot did. it thought that she was a delicious meal. "now lets just hope that this leatherman will be strong enough to get me out, and that somehow, i can kill this thing from inside. and that rachael will be able to find something to help me get out after its dead. on second thought, lets just get this thing dead first, and then we will worry about the rest of it later."emiko started to explore the inside of the geezbot, and looked for a way to pierce the heart, and make sure that the geezbot ended up dead immediately. meanwhile, back at the ranch, rachael was searching around the forest for something, anything that would be able to help emiko. not knowing exactly what it was that emiko was going to do to stop the geezbot, she needed most anything to help her out. "so what i need," she pondered "is something that can work for most any job. how about... ah ha!" and with that, she picked up her implement of destruction. "now to find emiko and the geezbot, and help get it stopped."rachael went looking, and came upon the geezbot, apparantly just getting done with a meal of some sort. "where's emiko?" she wondered. "she should be around here somewhere, shouldnt she? wait... do i see... movement inside of that thing? umm... EMIKO!!! WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?!?!?!"the geezbot, being to preoccupied with the strange sensations and sounds comming from its stomach, didnt notice rachael yelling at it, or, more like at its stomach. "i must have eaten something bad," thought the geezbot, "either that, or i havent been hunting recently enough, or done enough running like that and so i ate too soon after doing all that running. wow, this feels.... blah. i think i'll take a nap, and see if it will help to feel better. i do hope it does." so, the geezbot laid down, and took a nap, completly unsuspecting of the impeding danger that was upon it. "RACHAEL!!!! is that you out there that i hear?!" "EMIKO!!!! where are you? i dont see you anywhere, and what do you mean by 'out there'?" "i'm inside the geezbot. i'm looking for a way to stab its heart from the inside, so that it wont suspect anything, and then we'll have a meal. how's that sound. in about, oh, five minutes, if i dont say anything, come and cut open the stomach of the geezbot, and get me out. i dont know if this thing is going to try and digest or not, so, just in case..."about three minutes later, emiko found a way to stab the heart of the geezbot from the inside, and did so. "meal time!" "okay rachael, i'm going to need your help in getting out of this thing. i've got erk's leatherman, so, i'll start to cut him from the inside, and you start to cut him from the outside, maybe we'll meet, and everything will turn out okay." so rachael, with her handy dandy stick that she had picked up, started to try and cut emiko out, whilst emiko cut herself out with erk's leatherman. in a couple more minutes, emiko was out, and they cut off the geezbot's head, and were ready to cook dinner. "yes! time for a meal. i think we deserve it, dont you emiko?"

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Making Bread

I made bread today. it was (and will be) most delicious. i was supposed to teach rachel how to make it, but she backed out. nothing was going to stop me after i had the permission of mom to make bread though. :) the small loaf was an experiment. i added peanut butter chips to it before i cooked it. it was way yummy.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

National Speak like a Pirate Day

ahoy me mate! ti's national speak like a pirate day. i was first introduced to this holiday last year, when the newspaper had a short, four or five sentence blurb on it. in spirit of the holiday, i thought i would spread some possibly interesting facts. first off, if you'd like a list of some wonderful pirate words, go here. nextly, some interesting facts on some actual pirates.

Blackbeard: there actually was a pirate named Blackbeard. he was a pirate in the Caribbean sea in the 18th century. he got his name because he would light cigars, candles, and other things that would burn, and he put them in his beard, hat, hair, and sometimes clothing.

Davy Jones: there actually was no pirate named Davy Jones. it was a term for a devil sea. Davy Jones locker is the name for the bottom of the sea, and pirates who drowned were said to be at rest in his locker.

Barbarossa or Redbeard: he and his two brothers were a Turkish pirates, and they sailed the Mediterranean during early to mid 1500's. one of the brothers, through alliance with the ottoman empire, became sultan, helping out their piracy

Friday, September 14, 2007

Rexburg and a warning

I came up to Rexburg to visit a bunch of friends before I leave on my mission, (hopefully we'll see them at my farewell, but I guess we'll see). Tonight, we went to the sand dunes, made a fire, and were roasting marshmallws. We've heard of a bunch of people doing this before, so we didnt know that it was illegal and we would get in trouble for doing it. Low and behold, up drove a couple of officers, from the BLM. My future employers (hopefully). Oh yay. Just the thing I needed. Getting in trougble with the BLM. That'll go over well in a job interview. "So, I see here that you got a citation for lighting a fire illegally. Can you tell us about that?" Great for a job interview. Obvoiusly, the BLM didnt have it well marked that it was a study area, and that things such as fires were illegal. Do you really think I would have been participating in an illegal activity knowingly? Especially with my hopefully future employers? (I took a picture of the warning we got. It will be processed when I get back home and finish up the film. One of those times that I really wish that I had a digital camera)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

a new bike!

sadly, my old bike got stolen. even more sad, it wasnt really my bike. it was my sisters. she got it over in japan, when her first husband was stationed there. it was her bike, but she wasnt using it, so i was. it got stolen about a week and a half ago. ever since, me and dad have been looking to replace it. dad, who works out in tooele, has been keeping an eye out for bikes there, all over, while i've been looking a bit closer to home. he found a really nice one, at a pawn shop there in tooele. ony $30, for a really really expensive bike. quite the deal. even better, now i have a bike
again. huzzah! it has front and rear suspention, and...a whole bunch of different gears, and really nice breaks and everything. only need to get a lock for it now (a kickstand might not go amiss either). hurrah!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Phylisophical thinking

as i was weeding the garden, i was doing some philisophical thinking. rachel has been comming home from school singing the safety kids songs. one she's been comming home singing recently is all about natural highs, and to "reach for a natural high, high, high, high,/when you are feeling down low" all about encouraging kids to not use drugs to get high and all that. go for a run, climb a mountian, things like that, when your feeling sad, dont use drugs to make yourself feel better. the thought then came "well there are people out there who hurt themselves to make themselves feel better (cutting, breaking bones, ect.). could it, in some sense of the word, be a natural high?" if yes, when why are those types of thigns called "abuse". and if no, then why coulent it be some sort of a natural high? its not using drugs to make you feel better.

Monday, September 10, 2007

joke of the day

dante likes to call our house, and usually, i never get a chance to talk to him. rachel takes up all the time they have, so whenever i get to talk to dante, its only because i'm the one that answered the phone in the first place. saturday, he called, and i was able to finaly get a chance to talk to him (this only ever happens about once a month), and he enjoys giving a "joke of the day" thing. thing is, he doesnt really know any jokes. but, he tries to make them up, and they usually make me laugh, just cause its funny that he's trying so so so very hard. so what was the joke of the day, that i so enjoyed?
"mindy, how many jet plains and how many airplanes are there?"
"i dont know dante, how many are there?"

awww, isnt he cute!?

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Doctor Rachel

i woke up, about 4:30-same time as i would get up on week days, really not feeling good, and it took till about 8 for me to be able to get back to sleep. when rachel had gotten up, about 6:30, i had just taken medicine to help me feel better. i hadnt eaten anything, and rachel saw it, and knows that i'm supposed to eat something whenever i take medicine, or else i just end up feeling worse. so, when dad had finished making breakfast, about 8:05, i had just started going back to sleep. rachel came and woke me up saying "mindy, breakfast is ready" i tried to inform her that i wasnt hungry, and that i just wanted to go back to sleep. "but mindy, you need to eat something to make you feel better. it will help your medicine" "but rachel i'm not hungry" "com'on mindy. just a grapefruit. it will make you feel better" how many times have i been Dr. Min, when she has been sick, and used the same line on her (just usually not grapefruit. its usually banana)? honestly, how can you oppose a nine year old, trying to be your doctor. it just doesnt work.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

another picture

i hadnt been planing on doing this, but i couldnt resist. i have another missionary that i'm writing to, elder BL, send me a picture that he took and he sent it to me, it made my day all that much better. its "a picture of my good friend Martin Luther King Jr. He's proclaiming that he has a dream that the book of mormon will one day fill the world"

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

songs of my life

my life, i decided, is basically a song. which song you might ask? well, actually, its a few. my mind is one song. its an amazing song that i've been trying to learn for the longest time... (sigh) if only i could play it, maybe i could figure out my mind a bit more. another song that i've fouind that really describes my life. that song, more than any of the others is the one that has fit my life just generaly speaking for the longest. the one i've found most recently will have to discribe my dating life (or lack thereof, as the case may be). i've been hearing this song lots in the last few weeks at work (once a day or more). i've found myself comming home and singing it, unintentionally, but i eventually actually listened to the lyrics and realized....oh wow, that sounds like my life! lat song most describes what i'll entitle my spiritual life. i've found so much comfort from this song, its helped me though many a time. now, if i could find a song that has all of this all in one... guess its not going to happen, cause this has so many borad subjects that there isnt any way that it can all be in one song.

the 39

The 39 was my bus for about two years, while i worked at western research. UTA has recently changed their routs, so i no longer have a 39 to go and catch to work. its a good thing i dont work downtown any more. it was about a five minute walk to my bus stop, to catch my bus, the beloved 39, down to trax, and out two stops to work. now, the closest bus is about a 30 minute walk, to the 41, and down to trax and down two stops to my work...old work i suppose it is. while the 39 was five minutes from my house, i left my house between 1 and 1:15 to get to work by 3. i would hate to think that now, with their new routes (which, by the by are supposed to be more convienent for people. convienient my foot!) i would have had to leave my house by 12:30, even earlier in the snow, cause thats a long cold walk in the snow and takes about 45 minutes, to get to work by 3:00! that would be almost a three hour commute! i think i'm glad that i work where i work now (not the time, just the location. getting up at four to clean snow off my car wont be all that fun). so long to my "transformer bus" as rachel liked to call it! it will be dearly missed. it was handy to have if i wanted to just randomly go downtown for a while, but didnt want to park my car at trax. :(

Monday, September 3, 2007

random thoughts

it shouldnt be 100 degrees in salt lake in september!

Since we live in utah, there is absolutely _no_bloody_way_ we are going to sell over _25_ new coffee makers. its just not going to happen. who authorized the shipment? do they not realize that we have another _50_ coffee makers sitting on the shelves, also _not_ selling? its utah! we wont be selling them. if anyone needs one, come to my store, and you can have all the bloody coffee makers you can ever want.

brooding, though really not healthy, is something that humankind does a lot. okay, so maybe human kind doesnt do it a whole awful lot, but i've noticed that i personally do it a whole awful lot. i should probably stop, otherwise i'll end up...who knows where, doing who knows what. something i'd regret eventually. only problem is, what do i think about all day at work, since my job doesnt require a whole bunch of thought? just where does this bloody coffee maker go? oh look, like all the others, it doesnt have a home. where does this sheet set go? look, it goes here. and then i proceed to unload about 50 other sheet sets off the cart, none of which requires thought.

conservationing isnt just a statement, its a way of life. you cant just move to conserve one thing, like energy. my family has gotten fed up with the fact that i enjoy concervationing. i turn off lights when no one is in the room, even if someone is comming back a minute later. they arent there then, so why have it on? rachel was going through a stack of old school papers. mom had been going to just throw them all away. she and rachel both got rather fed up with me when i said "why dont we take those to the recycle bin, and save some trees" oh well. you cant make everyone happy. you just have to choose the winning party. :)

skin is amazing stuff. sure, i already know that i'm quite likely to die of skin cancer. thats what happens when you have very fair skin, and forget to wear your SPF 50 sunscreen everyday when wandering around campus, so you come home sunburned...every single bloody day. but, although i did come home all sunburned most every single day i was in rexburg, its also made it so that i'm more UV resistant at lower altitudes. just a thousand foot difference, and i can spend all day in a lake, forgetting (as always) to wear my sunscreen, and i come home just extremely lightly burned, and its all better the next day! if i had tried something like that up at school, i would have come home burnt and almost to blisters. i've gotten blisters just for sitting in the gardens for two hours, forgetting my sunscreen!