Friday, March 28, 2008


So I've been looking at my missionary stuff, and things I need to bring, and one thing it mentions is a rancoat. I guess it rains a lot in Tennessee, I wouldn't know. Now, I have one slight problem. I've lived in a desert all my life, and it hardly rains in the spring or the fall. I've never used, let alone gone out and bought, a raincoat. I don't know what to look for, I don't know what might be a piece of junk, what might be good. Totally oblivious to the fact there were such things as raincoats, until I was told I would need to have one. All that I've ever used is a winter coat to keep out the cold Utah and Idaho air, and a fleece jacket, used for when it gets chilly in the spring and fall. Is there anyone out there who is more knowledgeable as to what should be in a raincoat who can clue me in? I asked a friend and they said, "just use a garbage bag with holes poked in it." As far as I know, that's basically all a raincoat is, just in coat format. :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

mission call

after about forever waiting and preping, i finally got my mission call. i'll be going to Nashville, Tennessee!

Friday, March 21, 2008

a release is found

now that its all spring like outside, i can start working in the garden again. huzzah! i was turning the garden all weekend, and it was absolutely amazing. i was able to get away from all the many many thoughts i've had running through my head all day, singing songs all about cutting people up and putting them in pies, it was just me and the dirt. oh, and the worms that i had to move out of the way of course. it was so nice. i was able to release all that frusturation into the dirt, able to forget the fact that Rachel seems to be suffering from depression, the fact that her stupid step-mother suddenly seems to be turning on us and making it so we cant ever see her, the fact that mom and dad are upset with me. it didnt matter. it was just me and the dirt. i loved it. i used to just go work in the garden for the extra couple of dollars a week i could make. now, i'm frusturated that there arent any weeds left to pull, no other dirt needs to be turned. nothing left needs to be done. i'm going to miss it when i go on my mission.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


We had/ will have a whole bunch of holidays this month. I just wanted to share what they were, so's all can remember them and celebrate them. First, we had National Pie Day. This occurs on March 14. the date is then 3.14. in the year 2015, it will really be pie day, as the date will be 3.1415. :) Next, we have the ides of March, on March 15. Thanks to Shakespeare and a very literate family, we "beware the ides of march" and watch for any would be assassins. :) Next is Palm Sunday. This doesn't usually occur in march, but it is always a week before Easter. This year, it gets to be March 16th. Palm Sunday marks the Sunday that Christ rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, with the hosts shouting "hosanna, hosanna!" and laying the palm branches down, celebrating the fact that Christ was comming. Next day, March 17th, is St. Patricks day. The day of the irish. People in Ireland dont actually wear green this day, this is truely an American tradition. Wow, a whole weekend of holidays! We get a break after that however, and until the 20th, when its the first day of spring. This officially starts spring off, and the days start getting longer, as the earth tilts itself the other direction. After that is the 23, when we have Easter Sunday. The day we celebrate the fact that Christ died just for us, and for our sins, and then was resurrected, so that we can eventually have power over death as well. Such a hopeful day.

Monday, March 10, 2008

stolen idea

what else to do but this while hemming three pairs of pants? [thanks bonjean for the idea :)]
Step 1: Put your iTunes or equivalent on random.
Step 2: Post the first line from the first 30 songs that play, no matter how embarrassing.
Step 3: Bold out the songs when someone guesses correctly.

1- there was a barber and his wife, and she was beautiful.

2- sent to this earth, you were saved through the ages

3- was a man back in '95, who's heart ran out of summers

4- i hope you never loose your sense of wonder

5- look at me, i will never pass for a perfect bride, or a perfect daughter

6- there was a barber and his wife, and he was beautiful

7- i used to think that i was wrong

8- for the love of a woman, a man unlocks his heart

9- when i am down, and oh, my soul so weary

10- a customer! wait, what's your hurry?!

11- oh, Mr. Todd! I'm so happy, I could eat you up, I really could!

12- we may not see the end from the beginning

13- i am adolpho perelli, the king of the barbers, the barber of kings, i bid you bonjorno! good day!

14- tell me his name, i want to know the way he looks, and where you go.

15- God deliver me, release me, forgive me, restrain me, pervaid me.

16- the engine roared, the motor hissed.

17- attend the tale of Sweeney Todd.

18- the spirit of God, like a fire is burning

19- squirrels. all we really are are squirrels.

20-kiss a wookie, kick a droid, fly the Falcon through an asteroid.

21-sweet polley pluncket lay in the grass, turned her eyes heavenward, sighing

22- i feel you, johanna, i feel you.

23- his hands were quick, his fingers strong

24-excuse me, my lord, may i request, my lord, permission, my lord, to speak?

26- ladies and gentlemen, may i have your attention please!?

27-praise to the man who communed with Jehova!

28- sometimes in our lives, we all have pain, we all have sorrow

29- rubber ducky, you're the one

30- ((spoken) out i say out! all this running' and shoutin' what is it now dear?) there's hole in a great black pit, and it's filled with people who are filled with shit, and the vermin of the world inhabit it

Sunday, March 9, 2008


a lot of peoples i know have been getting married, are engaged, or are soon to be engaged. all of them have their weddings that they have been planning out. lucky me, i dont have to plan out my wedding, or even think about planning a wedding. ever. my dearest sister has it all planned out. but here's the thing. i dont want a wedding, and especially not like my sister has planned out for me. (the other fact being that i really doubt any guy is going to propose. it just doesnt seem to happen.) she's all into big ol' fany weddings, and she know's that i'm not. my dear sister has the colours chosen, the flowers (per my request, the only thing i've had a say in) chosen, and who's going to be there, and where it's going to be. but here's another thought. i'm much to chicken to tell my parents about any guy who might actually propose. mostly, because i dont see it ever happening, and seconly, because last time (last time? only time.) i told my mom i had a boyfriend, she was highly disaproving. would she be more approving if i told her that some guy had just proposed? somehow, i really doubt it. so, i've decided that if it ever were to happen, i would have to elope. i'll just send my parents a "hey, we got eloped. sorry i didnt tell you" note, that way, everyone is informed, and i get what i want too. i dont know, maybe its a rotton way to look at it, you can decide that for yourself. but, as for me, i think that's how it will have to be done. yep. its all planned out now. i can have my wedding just the way i want it, and everyone else will just have to like it. :)


we had a ward talent night last night, and of course, i wasnt really paying attention to what was going on, i was watching all the kids. they were cute, and some of the things they did made me think. there was one boy, Caleb (he used to be one of my sunbeams :D ), was after this girl (sorry, i dont remember her name) all night. when he first got there, and saw that this girl was there asked "mom, can i go play with [that girl]?" of course he was allowed. it was really cute to watch the interaction between those two kids. it reminded me a lot of how YSA interact with each other. he followed her around all night, and offered her the jellybeans out of his hand. when it came time to sit and watch everyone perform their talents, he was the MOST discouraged little guy i have ever seen when her brother sat down beside her, and refused to relequish his spot next to his beloved sister. he was even more discouraged by the fact that the gal didnt help him out any, telling her brother to move and make room for little Caleb. so, he settled for sitting right in front of her, as close as possible. when her brother finally did move, Caleb hurredly moved to sit next to the girl he was trying to win all night. he was extatic about this fact, and refused to move. it was fun to sit and watch this interaction. i had never realized that the "boy gets girl" things started just that young. it makes perfect sense though, and makes one wonder about just why we do it, for almost all of our lives, until the boy finally does "get the girl" or the girl finally does "get the guy" i know that we as humans are programmed to have all that in us, so that we can fulfill God's commands and procreate and fill the earth. but why do these certian desires fill us at such a young age? this must be one of the many factors that plays a part in the fact that people get married so young, (and hence the "get married"ness of dear old BYUI.)

Friday, March 7, 2008


i miss having people with with i can share whats going on in my life. i no longer live with three other girls who are up for a discussion, even at 12pm. i no longer go walking with a friend for supposedly hour long walks, which usually ended up a lot longer than that. i dont have anyone at work that i can tell about whats going on either. i dont even really feel like i can tell my parents most things that are going on in my life and at work. i want someone here to do that.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

happiness is...

today was kinda a down day. as i was driving home, the Tim McGraw song same on, and soon after, the zelda song. they made me happy, and so i wanted to share.