Saturday, January 22, 2011

the fruit craving

all month, since moving back here, i've been stuck with having only apples, and them sparingly.

the problem with being a student, is that your food budget is only so big, and fruit costs so much.  especially in the winter.  it always sticks me with a problem, every winter.  the desire for fresh raspberries and peaches, and being stuck with frozen or (in peaches at least) canned.  and although they are still good, and still meet the need i have for fruit, it just doesn't taste the same.

as i'm getting married, i think to myself, "how likely am i to acutually be able to can my own fruits?"  i know that it is something i do enjoy doing.  and i know that it is possible (given the right type of stove), and can be done in small batches.  but will i actually get around to doing it?

though, canning also requires lots of time, and a fair investment into the fruit (or vegetables) being canned (yes, even in season).  as a student, or, as two students, both are somewhat harder to come by.  though they do make for nice saturday activities.

meanwhile, i'll just sit and dream of spring, when fruit is in season, and when i can get my one thing of rasperries for the season, and enjoy it.