Tuesday, August 16, 2011

fried green tomatoes


Green tomatoes
oil, for frying

mix cornmeal and salt together.  how salty you make it is completely up to you.  i used at most (i just poured some into my hand until it looked like a good amount, and added a bit more later when it wasn't quite enough) two tablespoons to about 1/2 cup of cornmeal (again, sorry, i didn't measure.  i just guessed how much i would need for the tomatoes i was doing).  Wash the tomatoes, and pat dry.  press tomatoes into cornmeal mixture, until thoroughly coated (i should note here, the sides won't ever be coated, they seem to refuse.  this could probably be fixed by first dipping the tomato into an egg, if you like).  fry until cornmeal starts to turn brown.

all in all, its pretty simple.

the history:

On my mission, we had a less active member who never showed up to church again after being baptized.  we would sometimes go and talk to him, to see what was going on in his life, and he would always tell us "sorry sisters, I'm too busy to talk right now" and would then run inside to avoid us.  one night, we decided to stop by when he or his wife wasn't home, and weeded his garden for him, to at least help him be "less busy"  he came home while we were out there weeding, and he joined us for a bit.  his wife came home a short while later, and offered to fix us some dinner, which we accepted.  fried green tomatoes was on the menu for the night (as a side to some just as wonderful hamburgers that she made as well).  I made sure to get the recipie for the tomatoes from her, so i could make them myself one day.  the happy part to the story is that as we were eating, we were able to talk to him about things, and start to help him out again.  he never did make it to church, but he was at least a bit more friendly to us.

how did they turn out?
well, lets just say about half as many tomatoes as i cooked ended up in my stomach, and i had to stop myself from keeping on munching them (though i'll probably continue to munch them throughout the day.  I'll have to make sure to save a couple for drew :) )