Sunday, October 24, 2010

Austrailian Mimi Dolls

I helped out at Red Butte Gardens on Saturday.

Getting there was an adventure.  First off, it was raining hard.  so it was kind of hard to see road signs as is.  Secondly, I was driving somewhere I'd never driven before, so that was interesting.  I had directions in one hand, trying to make sure that I was going the right place, and venturing to the opposite side of the valley.  Thirdly, I was driving through a part of the freeway that people who have a lot of experience driving there get lost in.  it was exciting, to say the least.

It was great fun, once I got there, and I ended up learning a lot.  I ended up visiting Australia.  We made Austrailian Mimi Dolls, based off the Aboriginal Mimi spirits.  I learned they are spirits, and some are good, and help people learn to make fire, and to hunt Kangaroos.  Some are bad, and ate people.  We just made them out of cloths pins, but in real life, they are much bigger than that.

They also had some fun instruments.  they had those cool wood frogs that sound like a real frog when you rub them.  they had a digeridoo, too, which was fun.  I tried to play it, and it sounded okay.  not like it really should. i could get it sounding kind of right, but it didn't sound at all like it should.

Overall, it was a blast.  I wish I was able to help out more of the days.  Sadly, I'm working nights, and this does, of course, take place at night.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

There's nothing quite like it

The sun on my back while wearing dark clothes
hugs from that person you never see
A cat by your side when you don't feel good and all
A first kiss
The smell of fresh baked bread
The feel of warm clothes as they come out of the dryer

Any additions to the list?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

what happened to unbiased?

Since elections are almost upon us, at work we've been doing almost nothing besides political surveys and polls. my favorite kind are what we call "two minute specials"  basically, are you going to vote, in this election, who are you voting for, and does this make a difference to you at all.  most of them really are unbiased, and we can't tell who is doing the survey.
one survey we are currently working on, takes place is Bexar (say it BEAR, not BEX-ar) county.  its the same basic idea.  here's a list of names, do you have a positive or negative oppnion of the person?  great, in this election, who are you voting for?  and now i'm going to read you some information about the two candidates, to see if it changes your vote.  it goes on, at that point, regardless of who you said you were going to vote for, for about 5 minutes about this one candidate.  telling all the great things he's done for the county, and that he's been there for so long, and whatnot.  well, thats great... but what about information about the other candidate?  oh yeah.  lets throw in two negative statements about her, so that no one will remember her, and won't like her.  thats a good idea, and it won't bias it at all...


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Life is.... life

Life since my last update hasn't been to eventful.  I finally found a job, and my dearest is still up in Idaho at school.  I'm still in Utah, at home, and feeling more and more like a hermit.
The job I found is not at all what I wanted.  I've worked for the place before, and it isn't my exact favourite job. Its working in a call center, doing telephone surveys with people.  I'm working nights and Saturdays, so I hardly ever see my family.  I see dad for maybe a couple hours in the evening (if at all that night), Dante for a couple hours in the morning, and mom for a couple hours both times.  I chat with people online, sometimes, but because i'm home during the day, and they are at class/working during the day, I hardly ever get to talk to people that way either.  The only people I ever get to talk to are at work, and people on the phone, and they generally aren't really happy to talk to me.  BUT, its a job.  It's a paycheck.  It's money in my account so I (hopefully) won't have to take out any student loans.  I shouldn't complaine, and I should be grateful.  Thats the lesson i'm learning at this time.  To be greatful for what I do have in life, and not wish for what I don't.

Having my dearest up in Idaho has been hard, to say the least.  Another good friend has recently found himself his first love, which is amazing for him.  And I really and truly am happy for him.  Its fun to hear of his new adventure into this stage of life, and remember my first ventures down the road (which seems a long time ago.  was it really only 4 years?).  at the same time, hearing about it is sometimes hard.  it makes me miss what i don't have.  I look forward to the future, and count the days till the next known time we will at least be in the same state.

The last couple weeks, Dante has been off track, and has been keeping me company.  Monday, he'll go back to school, and I realized I'll be home by myself every day.  I'll see my family less, and become even more of a hermit.  Before, when I worked where I worked, I wanted to be a hermit, and spend as much time away from my family as possible.  Now, I want to see them.  Working during the day is my preference.  I want to see my family, and spend as much time with them as possible.  What a change.

Life certianly is interesting.  It throws a lot of twists and turns at us that are unexpected.  Who ever knew this would come?  God certianly has a sense of humor.